– Your Source for Horoscopes is a Spanish-based website dealing with horoscopes. If users know which astrological sign they have, they can use this site for fun for free predictions about the future. Both monthly and weekly horoscopes are available for the twelve different possible signs. is a site that also features details surrounding the Chinese horoscope; that is, information and predictions about the 12 animals representing the Chinese Zodiac. No matter if the user is a dragon, a monkey, a tiger, or a snake, they can click on their respective links to learn more information. Users can check what their sign looks like when written through calligraphy, learn about what their birth year represents, and comprehend what personality traits are associated with their animal.

These are not the only kinds of horoscopes on, however. There is also a section about Celtic horoscopes, which encompasses trees like oak, elm, cedar, and pine. This section mostly just has information relating to the 21 different possible trees.

Finally, on the main page, the creators of post about how applicable some of astrology can supposedly be. They have pictures of famous celebrities (e.g. Mark Zuckerberg, Natalie Wood) along with their date of birth and star sign, and try to tie in their life events to the personality traits associated with astrological signs. Additionally, they seem to occasionally try to relate events to horoscopes, as well. Some entries detail how different economies are under the impact of different planets, exploring the details of why events are occurring the way they are.

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