– Entering the Online Portal to Vedic Astrology

Astrobix, the company offering real Vedic astrology, claims as its home address on the world wide web. The Public Software Library India Pvt. Ltd. made the site and proclaimed it the online entry to Jyotish Astrology. Based in New Delhi, India, the Library, as of 2012, enjoyed status as the top Jyotish software manufacturer in that Asian country. Astrobix is the first site to provide full Vedic astrology in a one stop location.

Members and customers can choose from free services, or premium offerings that come with a charge, including charts, reports and even personal consultations and custom responses. The predictions and horoscopes given on are based on several systems of astrology, including: Vedic, marriage, daily and yearly, also Lal Kitab, Krishnamurthy, Prashna and Muhurtha. Paying customers receive their reports sent to them as PDF files and have the option of getting those files in one of 10 languages, whether English, Bangla, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, or five other choices. explains that horoscopes take into account an individual’s date of birth and the position the planets were in on that date. This alignment shows major aspects of a person’s life concerning characteristics, employment, health, marriage and family life. Armed with such knowledge, one can have a better understanding of self and begin to discover their destiny and find more success in recognizing and capitalizing on their strengths while avoiding unnecessary missteps in the journey of life. In addition to horoscopes, site visitors can access Astrobix articles, webcasts, blog postings and a calendar of Indian festivals listed in English or Hindi.

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