– Challenge Your Perception of Asian Art

Art affects different individuals in different ways. For some it is motivating, invigorating, and a way for them to put their life into perspective, or and to a context. Other see art as a way to better understand the artist, the time that he or she lived in, and the circumstances that affect their way of viewing the world. Regardless of the affect that artistic expression has on you, the people at are hoping that their exhibit of artwork from the Orient will move you to feel something.

Jay Xu, director of the Asian Art Museum says that his goal in presenting his collection of artwork is to inspire people to have conversations, and to challenge their ideas, and their perception of certain things. He also mentioned that the artwork that is being displayed at the museum, is from multiple countries, and from multiple time periods. According his mission is to lead a diverse global audience in discovering the unique material, aesthetic, and intellectual achievements of Asian art and culture.

There are multiple exhibits on display, and a visitor to can learn a little bit about all of them. You are invited to see for example why the exhibits of PHANTOMS OF ASIA Contemporary Awakens the Past has generated so much interest. You will be given the chance to immerse yourself in the more than 2000 works of art that come from countries like China, Japan, and Korea. You are being invited to learn about their cultural, historical, and religious significance. All of this and more awaits you at this museum.

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