– Information for Locals and Visitors is a web site that provides information for both locals and visitor of Asheville Town.

Headings of the latest news concerning the town are displayed all over the page, and you can click on them to get further details. Information about the local community, schools, transportation, events and government can be found in the local category. For the ones interested in visiting Asheville, in the visitorsĀ“ section you will be provided with detailed information regarding accommodations, attractions, interesting activities, entertainment, real state, among others. Nice places such as restaurants, shopping malls, galleries, museums are recommended in the marketplace category, which you can visit if looking for places to go to. Besides, ads about cabins, hotel, resorts, residences, etc. are displayed on both left and right sides of the page; if you are interested in one specific ad, by clicking on them you will be provided with much more information.