– Leaders of Neurodiagnostics is the online home of the Neurodiagnostic Society. The Neurodiagnostic Society is the premier membership organization in the profession and the leader in neurodiagnostic technology. Neurodiagnostics is the study of nervous systems functions in order to promote healthy and effective treatment of diseases and health conditions which are neurological. ASET is considered a leader in the field and has been dealing with neurological disorders and testing for over 50 years.

At, members can look into all current findings in the field, as well as look into the education seminars held by ASET in various cities throughout the year. The seminars are great for exploring new ideas and strengthening skills for the participants. Members also receive ASET’s quarterly Index Medicus journal, which is full of research, review and technique articles, as well as listing newly registered technologists and accredited labs. Users can also look into the various webinars on, that cover a new topic every third Wednesday of the month, and runs from January through May, and then resume and run from September through November. These webinars can be downloaded if you are not able to attend.

The ASET Annual Conference is regarded as the largest networking and educational event in the world for all neurodiagnostic professionals and all industry partners. This showcases dozens of education sessions and many opportunities for networking.

At, users can look into everything relating to neurodiagnostics and find all current information. The forums provide a place to talk to other users about the field and the resources on the site make, the premier site when it comes to neurodiagnostics.

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