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Visit and learn about science with toys. A wide variety of concepts are easy to grasp when using the simple home made toys on the website. Materials lists are concise. Instructions and crisp pictures display each step. Follow along with the videos for more detail. See the inventions in action. Clear images outline each step while building one of these useful teaching toys. The attention to detail allows users of to succeed in building useful projects. The materials for the projects are common and easy to find around the house or nearby.

Arvind Gupta is an Indian toy inventor with a passion for science. Many books and publications contain his teachings. Access detailed transcripts of his work and the world of popular science. provides in depth information about the inventor himself and the toys he uses. It is clear that Arvind wants these toys in the hands of children. He has many awards for his work and philanthropy. Use Arvind Gupta Toys, and inspire a student or fascinate a child. Build something for fun using the guides and videos. Research for yourself the evolution of science.

The information on is widely accessible to the world. Many languages, including English, popularize the simple playthings of Arvind Gupta. Reaching children around the world is a passion for this science enthusiast and inventor. Visitors read and learn with ease. Demonstrations with pictures and video make preparing the teaching materials fun and easy. Science and fun go hand in hand and inspire even more fun inventions.

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