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Arthritis.comDo you or any of your love ones suffer from arthritis? In that case you might be interested in taking a look a t this site; you may find some useful information and resources which will help you coping with disease. Arthritis and other rheumatic conditions are chronic disorders which have several implications in the social-emotional life of people who is affected by them.

Studies have shown that over 43 millions Americans are affected by this disease; that is 1 in 3 adults in the Unites States. Within these pages you will be able to find plenty of information not only for you as patient, but also for the family or caregiver. Enter in the Arthritis resources section where you will find a large selection of books, videos, and multimedia resources, which you can see to familiarize a little bit more with this disorder. Are you starting to feel some pain or discomfort in your joints, but you are not quire sure whether this could be arthritis or not? In that case there is an arthritis’ checklist which can help you clarify your doubts. In any case, it is always recommendable that you consult your physician about it.