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Arthritis.caThis is the site for the Arthritis Society. It provides all the information you need to know on this condition.

The types of Arthritis are many; all of these are thoroughly explained in this site informing the reader on how common each type is, the warning signs, the causes that provokes each, what can you do about it if you have it and additional tips to help you are provided as well. In the Tips for Living Well section you will find information on many aspects such as dealing with the emotions, eating healthy, exercise, improving communication, surgery, daily activities, pain and much more. In the Programs and Resources section you can find information on the different programs available to help those with arthritis and their families, articles, projects, presentations, and products that are very helpful. Information on research that is being done currently to discovery ways to improve, manage and treat the many forms of arthritis is also presented to us in this site.