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The website is a resource that serves as an aggregate for a wide range of archival information. On, users have access to records that date back to the beginning of the United States. Visitors are able to explore and research this history by sifting through photos, documents and all kinds of different records. The national archives are incredibly large and filled with a history that has endured for hundreds of years. Not only can you look up information from past census archives, but you can also request specific military records and find out all about the history of the United States Military.

On, the user is able to do all of the research online. There are facilities that are built around the country that allow visitors to sift through their material. One of the reasons these facilities are built is because not all of the records are stored online. However, there is a stunning amount of information available on, enough to keep even the most diligent searcher busy for days and days. The website makes it easy to search a specific topic and there are multiple catalogs online that help make your research easy to conduct. There is so much history contained within the website and spending some time looking through the archives is a magical educational experience for adults and children alike. Whether you are looking for one specific item, or you are simply enjoying the experience of perusing history on a whim, the site is an incredible aggregate for American history.

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