– The Archdiocese of Galveston Houston Welcomes Your Interest

When you want a Catholic church in the Galveston-Houston area of Texas, search no further than Presented in both English and Spanish for their congregation, the Arch Bishop invites everyone to attend. News and events are published online at the site for easy referral for those who access the Internet.

More services at include assistance in finding a school. The Cardinal Daniel Cardinal DiNardo has an active blog with which he communicates his hopes and wishes to his congregation sharing news, events and more for adults and youth. Here you can see a photo of the week.In addition to finding the school you need, you can locate a practical church with the parish locater tool.

The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston are multicultural with members from everywhere in the world, every single continent is represented through the membership of the church. Staff of the church are active in a variety of ministries designed to reach one and all effectively. includes descriptions for the available education of the young people, adults, senior citizens and whole families. There is a special section devoted to marriage and family detailing the programs that ready engaged couples for their marital commitment. The programs also help to lead parents in ways of relating and passing the Catholic faith onto their children. In this department are services that support divorced persons or widows. More services are available for ministering to senior adults while also coaching their immediate families at the same time.

On these web pages you can locate the the Catholic Department of Social Justice and Life including the official location and phone number.

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