– American Research Bureau has a homepage stating that it locates missing heirs and unknown heirs. The top of the page has the bureau’s phone number and directly beneath that is a series of links. The first is estate services. This link discusses the services that are available for attorneys, as well as trust officers and estate administrators. The initial evaluation is complimentary, and the site claims that their fees are flexible and competitive. The heir services link delves into the specifics of what actual services are offered. Some of the documentation they prepare includes certified records, genealogical charts, and declarations. has a link for case histories. These go back to 1935, and the site has client letters and client quotes, as well as case summaries. There are currently five letters on the site for a viewer’s perusal. The quotes page has over sixty different quotes from satisfied customers. The company info link provides readers with an extensive history of the company. The address of the research center is included, as is a phone number and fax number. The page also lists ARB as a member of numerous organizations, like the Ancestry Research Club, Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Genealogical Societies, and more. At the bottom of this part of is a glossary of terms. This page is helpful to those who are unfamiliar with the terminologies associated with this field.

The staff page doesn’t discuss actual staff members specifically, as no names are given. Rather, the staff as a whole is portrayed by their experience, credentials, awards, and education. The Why ARB section sums up the main reasons as to why this company should be chosen by customers.

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