– The Largest Aquarium Community

AquariumHobbyist.comThe Aquarium Hobbyist Community has grown ever since 1999. The website offers a message board called the Pet Hobbyist message board system that is one of the biggest over the Internet.

The message board is filled with lots of messages and photographs, related to sea animal wildlife. This site was made for animal lovers. If you are into sea life, here you can see great videos where you’ll be amazed by different sea species. The videos are submitted by staff, volunteers, and members of the Pet Hobbyist Community. They also have a large amount of photographs you can sear in their website. Furthermore, the website contains an interactive events calendar that lets you add your own meeting or event, so that other interested people can assist. The website also links you to other animal related websites. also offers you a chat room for you to chat with other people with similar interests. Also, this website is of great help if you’re looking for a pet you can search their site either to adopt or buy a mascot.