– Aqua Fans is a forum for lovers of the underwater. It is a lot like a message board. The home page has a picture of a girl underwater blowing bubbles, and to her left is a female cartoon character swimming. Users have to be logged in to leave comments, and they can register if they do not have an account. There is a small link to frequently asked question. In this questions page, there are questions pertaining to not being able to log in, why registration is necessary, password retrieval, COPPA, and other troubleshooting issues. There is a user preferences and settings section in the questions page too, and this addresses concerns related to changing settings, incorrect time zones, getting to use one’s specific language in the forum, user rankings, and emails. Private messaging is addressed, as well as friends and foes, how to search the forum, topic subscriptions and bookmarks, attachments, and phpBB 3 issues. The rest of the page answers all of these questions in great length. has a board index link, and it leads back to the main page. There are currently 100,248 posts, 16,031 topics, and 9,577 members. However, newcomers to the site who are unregistered will get to see none of the specific posts, topics, or members (save for a few that are mentioned on this homepage). Aside from the name of the website and the picture of girls underwater, one would actually find it difficult to know what was specifically about unless they were logged in.

Aquafans In The Web