– AppServ Open Project has a homepage with a gray shark cartoon as its logo which is next to a title saying that the page is an open project. There is main menu on the left side of the site that has numerous links. The first is for people who do not know what Appserv actually is. Clicking it will bring viewers to an explanation of the product. There are many grammatical errors in this explanation, and it has presumably been shabbily translated from another language. According to the explanation, AppServ is easy to install and setup only takes one minute. AppServ in available in numerous versions.

The second button is all about how to install. The package needs to be prepared before installation. Step by step instructions are provided, and all in all, there are sever. There is also a large download button for those who choose to get download after perusing the directions. The third menu item focuses on how to use the program and the directory structure. Numerous director structures are delved into, including that of the Apache Web Server, the MySQL Database, and PHP. The Developer Team section doesn’t seem to provide actual names, but codenames. The Download Now! Link gives viewers the chance to get AppServ right away. A Version History Link lets readers see the numerous kinds of AppServ programs that have led to this point. has a news archive which dates back to October 2006 and goes up to May 2008. The community and support link is good for those experiencing technical difficulties, or those who wish to discuss Appserv with other users. A statistics activity link is next on the menu, followed by a donation link. can be viewed through multiple languages.

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