Aple.com – Getting In Touch with Apple

Aple.com is one of the many alias web addresses for Apple Computers – entering this address into your browser takes you directly to the apple.com homepage. Once there, the full catalog of Apple products, including Mac computers, iPads, iPods and iPhones are all at your fingertips. Aple.com also contains information on the popular iTunes software and associated store, as well as a plethora of support options.

As would be expected from the clean interface of Apple products, the website is simply laid out, yet very powerful. People looking for apps for their iPad, for example, can click on ‘From the App Store’ and be taken directly to a listing of the over 200,000 downloadable applications for that platform. Aple.com displays these apps sorted by use, from business to sports to news to games. New or particularly noteworthy apps are detailed on the page, and all are linked to the Apple web store.

The support section of aple.com is very thorough, again broken down by product. Users may watch video tutorials, download manuals, download software updates, and participate in a variety of online communities in order to gather information and tips to get the most out of their products. Aple has an online service assistant to help resolve most common problems, with higher levels of support available at need. Some of these require an AppleCare account.

Anyone with a current Apple product, or who is contemplating buying one, can find a massive amount of information on aple.com. This site is a must for all users of any skill level.

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