– Search Anything is a search engine created to literally search the internet for any keyword that you can possibly think of. While you can type in anything, it is best to search for subjects regarding to travel, finance and electronics. The results page comes up with several different search results; however, there is no advanced filter like you may find on more advanced search engines. Contrary to popular belief, there is a world outside of Google and Bing engines.

Often, people do not realize that smaller engines such as is what makes the internet continue to work in a rotating fashion. When small websites list for a lesser fee – or free – on a smaller search engine, they are more likely to be found. When the small engine lists a small website, the small engine can be listed on the bigger engine, which, in turn, lists the smaller website. When small business owners that build the small websites first go “live” with their pages, the may wish to consult with an individual more up to date with the internet and different circuits that people travel in. is clearly a growing page, just by looking at the results page. When searching for an item – such as Justin Biebers CD – the page will bring up all of the stores that carry the CD. The list would include all internet stores and massive retail chains that carry the disc, first, and then list all of the smaller stores that have it.

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