– Anti War Stances May Open Your Eyes to Something New

While the website is it is not a propaganda site meant to protest everything patriotic or military. The latest news about what war is doing to our country, and others, can be found updated on the site while bloggers give opinions and tidbits. While there are anti-war stances within the website this is does not mean every person on the site holds to an anti-government or anti-society stance. The purpose of the website is to bring back the awareness that once was popular decades back when it was a matter of, “make love not war” without the stigma of being a hippie.

The main reason to visit is for Anti War Radio. The amount of guests the talented radio hosts have and the plethora of information they can give is fascinating to listen to. The guests are everyone from the angry to the journalists who work in the war zones overseas and see the damage that war has done. No stone is left uncovered as the workers of find everything relevant in today’s biggest news events, including what is going on in our own political government.

Each person within the team feels a little differently about the big events, and each one may feel differently about what makes the world tick, but the one thing they all agree upon is that war is not the answer. Read through quotes from some of the world’s greatest leaders and thinkers that show that their own stance would have been against all of the fighting. Lincoln, Socrates, Aesop all had their moments where they stopped to wonder why war was being fought. Is it about money or tyranny? Is it about fame or power?