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If you love antique bottles then you should make sure that you are looking on the website and see what you can discover there. The website is basically a forum for antique bottle collectors, diggers, traders and really is for anyone with an interest in antiques and in particular in old bottles. The forum is free for the antiquing community!


When you visit you will learn that the creator of the site had been collecting embossed medicine and cure bottles for more then 30 years. He is now in retirement and is busy spending time researching the history and contents of some of the wonderful old antique bottle and decided to create this site. When doing his research he discovered that there are other sites out there that specialize in these types of antiques but none of them where very complete and contained lots of broken links and bad information that was frustrating for people that just wanted to learn some great information.

At you will be able to forums and resources on where to find these antiques, how to figure out exactly what you have found and of course best of all to discuss them with other collectors such as yourself. It is so fun to be able to meet other like minded and like individuals who love this interesting hobby as much as you do. Check out today and see if you can’t figure out what type of things you have discovered or get started on a new antiquing adventure today!

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Author : Charly Zaks

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