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AntiqBuyer.comIf you keep some old stuff in your basement because you think it’s useless and valueless, you should know that there are many places on the internet that will pay you fortunes for some rare collectible objects. One of these is Antiqbuyer.

com, a company of purveyors and dealers of American patented and mechanical antiques. This site is an online antique store that aims to help you buy or sell quality antiques through the internet. The store deals in a wide range of antiques and vintage collectibles in many different categories with a primary focus on mechanical and patented antiques, scientific-related antiques, tool and technology-related antiques, and what are known as Americana, general store and antique advertising. With decades of experience in the business, the store has been dealing antiques in different antique shows, auctions, shops, and collector club meetings. Its differential is that, unlike other sites that try to buy your antiques for the lowest possible price and then reselling them for a profit, aims to help you, the collector, spouse, or other owner of antiques, sell your antiques utilizing the internet, its antique websites, and its expertise and knowledge.