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Answerlogr.comAnswerlogr is a website in which questions and answers from all over the Internet are indexed together. That is, Answerlogr is not a site in which you can ask questions – rather, it is a site where the best questions that others have asked are aggregated for you to go through them.

Of course, the site comes complete with a search box that will let you find questions that have already been answered. You will also be able to browse the archive by tag, and these always include all the topics that have been trending recently.

Some of the questions that were featured on the site when I checked it out included “How do I get my college transcript from a college that is now out of business?” and “What did poets Shelly and Keats celebrate in their poetry?”.

The inspiration behind this site is clear: it aims to provide the user with new and interesting information about random things – things he might not learn about otherwise. There are already a lot of questions & answers sites on the WWW, so that one which changes the approach even slightly such as Answerlogr is a welcome development indeed. In Their Own Words

“ is a website where you can find answers to questions people have recently asked on the internet. We automatically crawl the entire internet for fresh and interesting questions that have recently been answered by other people. This is not a website where you can post new questions, we only index questions that have already been answered. We do of course have a search box where you can find ready answered questions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for easily picking up knowledge you might not come across otherwise.

Some Questions About

Shouldn’t a list of categories be added?