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Anotherealm.comWhat do you think of dystopia? What about traditional science fiction? Regardless of whether you are an English major or just an aficionado reader, is a great place to find exciting new sci-fi and horror fiction.

The site could definitely use some reworking in terms of design, though it is clear that the real work has been done when reading and picking the stories, so let’s concentrate on what’s important. These guys present a collection of new stories once a month under three different modalities, namely contest (themed), full length stories, and flash fiction as well. This last kind of fiction is ubershort, uberquick, and uberconcrete, telling a story in something between 200 and 700 words, long enough to read during a cigarette break. By visiting this site you’ll be able to read all the contents present –and most past, as well— for free, and you can even check out the guidelines to read exactly what you must bear in mind if you are submitting your stories for their consideration. Also very cool about the site is the fact that a forum and reader community goes on, discussing fiction, writing, reading and other related topics, and as you might very well remember from that course in History of Art, one of the most important things that can happen to artists is to find each other and interact: some of the most important aesthetic schools had to meet to generate exciting new stuff (think of Symbolists, Surrealists, Dadaists, or more close to us existentialists, hippies or beatniks), and is offering that space. Good on them!