search cancel – Surfing the web in private lets users surf the web in complete privacy without leaving small traces of their presence behind on a website. This free website asks users to input a specific URL that they wish to visit, and takes them to this site without letting the site store cookies or certificates that can prove harmful to the end user.


Websites have invested millions of dollars in technology that is designed to extract some type of information from site visitors, which they can then use for various purposes, some as simple as marketing statistics while others have more nefarious uses in mind. defeats these measures and allows user to surf the web in peace without worrying about having their information taken and used for purposes of which they do not approve.

In addition to anonymous web surfing, visitors to can also utilize the free “AnonEmail” tool, which lets those attempting to email someone do so without revealing the original email address. This tool protects privacy and allows users to communicate more freely without the hassle of being tracked by bots and spammers, giving a more seamless web experience. There is also an ability to post to newsgroups anonymously in this same vein, with the “AnonNews” tool. has a paid service that strips out the ads that users of the free version see when using the tools. The VIP-level service can be purchased for time periods ranging from one month to one year, depending on the needs of the user. VIP members can also enjoy faster load times on the sites they are visiting through

Anonymouse In The Web


Author : Charly Zaks

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