search cancel – A Great Source for Solving Annoyances in Microsoft Operating Systems is a very interesting and unique website that was built to assist those that may be fighting with problems involving their Microsoft-based computer operating systems and programs. If you are wanting a great resource for finding all of those neat little tricks to help you figure out what is happening with your computer, fix glitches, and find ways to work around problems you may find, this website is ideal.


We all know that sometimes the Microsoft systems don’t work exactly how we would like them to and sometimes the manual just isn’t enough. The website of will help you learn about Windows if you are a beginner, give you great tips whether you are more advanced or just starting out, and can also assist you in your search if you have an issue that you need a solution to. If you come across a term that you are not familiar with, there is a glossary to help you better understand. You will find a troubleshooting section which will walk you through various situations and will help you customize your Windows experience.. has quite a few books for purchase that include the information that is on the website in addition to even more information. You will find quick links to solve your annoyances from a desktop control center to a patch for renaming your recycle bin. is a great source of software to fix pretty much any annoyance you might be having with your Windows operating system.

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