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Louisville, Kentucky is rich in American history, and has an extensive collection of collectible home furnishings and antiques for those that would like a piece of that old world charm. Annies-attic has many items for sale listed on the front of the site, which offers visitors to the page a sample of what is available for sale on


The about us section tab offers potential shoppers a glimpse at the history of the store, with information on the inventory seen on the site. Here, the storefront’s address and phone number are listed with the email to get in touch with the employees of Annies-attic if there are questions about products seen on the page.

There is an eBay tab that takes visitors to Annies-attic eBay store, where people can bid on items that they like and see listed. People can view what is currently available to purchase via eBay, and ask questions about the items listed by contacting the store directly.

The products tab directly links the web page visitor to the Annies-attic Facebook page where information is updated about special events. The latest products and most up to date inventory available is also posted on this Facebook page, allowing people to ask questions directly through the social media fan page. By “liking” on Facebook, the store can keep fans updated with information by posting a status update that will show up in the fan’s news feed when they sign in to the network and see what is posted.

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Author : Jason Taylor

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