– Omega 3 Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil for Health Benefits

A-M B-Well otherwise known as is dedicated to providing products that promote the wellness of others. Products at are pharmaceutical grade so you never have to worry about what’s in the pills or supplements you are considering for yourself. Their specialty is the A-M B-Well Omega 3 Fish Oil. This supplement is available in both liquid and capsules. Research has suggested that this type of high-grade fish oil might eliminate many of the harmful effects brought on by smoking and is one supplement that the people at Anne-Marie are thrilled to offer their patrons.

Anne Marie also explains the Zone lifestyle approach for weight loss and well being in detail on her website. The Zone teaches you to control your insulin levels by limiting the diet to mostly or entirely foods that have a low glycemic index. This type of dietary adjustment is expected to substantially lower the risks of diabetes, cancer and heart disease. How the Zone system works involves three hormones that are managed with the proper ratios of carbohydrate, protein and fat together with top quality fish oil. The fish oil should contain sufficient Omega 3 fatty acids as a typical diet has less than the adequate amounts needed for hormone management. The three hormones are glucagon, for releasing stored fat and other available energy, insulin to escort sugar into the appropriate places, which are mainly the brain and other muscles, and, eicosanoids regulate the cardiovascular system, central nervous system and immune system among others.

By combining the Zone’s rules to your diet, that is to have forty percent carbohydrate, thirty percent protein and thirty percent fat in every meal or snack, with top grade fish oil you can reap the most success in letting you body’s top three hormones perform to their best levels that will spare you problems with your health. If you want to know how much of the Omega 3 to take, you find the recommended dosage is two thousand milligrams for cardiovascular protection, five thousand milligrams for inflammation and eight thousand for benefiting neurological conditions.