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Anime Extremist is a site dedicated to collecting news, media, and fan contributions related to anime television series. The website not only focuses on major series, such as Evangelion, Dragon Ball, or Neo Geo, but also on lesser known entertainment from Japan.

The news section provides information about the most recently uploaded episodes, as well as information and links to articles about series currently in production. The news is updated a few times a week by members of the site’s staff and site users are allowed to comment on each individual news post with their own thoughts.

As part of the site’s dedication to anime, contains sections devoted to collected photos, video clips, fan art, and computer desktop wallpapers, all related to various series. The site also focuses on anime music, providing a number of song mp3 downloads and lyrics to popular series songs.

One of the unique features of the is that a great portion of the media provided can be downloaded for future use. This includes not only the large collection of desktop wallpapers (which come in a variety of resolutions and file formats), but anime-devoted calendars, computer icons, and art books.

In addition to collected media, the website also provides opportunity for fan interaction, hosting a section for user-submitted reviews of favorite series and a forum for posting threads and comments about different shows. The contact section allows users to submit feedback and questions related to the site’s operation. appears only in Spanish, but can be translated with Google Translator.

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