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Containing a well-stocked library of streaming anime episodes, Anime Media is a complete resource for users looking to catch up on their favorite television show, or to try out a new series. contains a complete directory of episodes that stream directory in the user’s web browser, free of charge. Not only is the directory searchable by alphabetical order, but it can be sorted by most recently updated episodes and by genre.


Once users select their individual anime episode, Anime Media also provides a detailed synopsis of the television series, complete with the number of episodes available and the timeframe within which the series originally aired. Beneath each episode, viewers are able to leave comments to discuss the individual episode and the series in general with other site members. Each video also contains a link to report the video if there are any technical issues that prevent streaming.

In addition to the media it provides, also updates frequently with postings about the latest news coming from the world of anime television. This includes links to relevant news articles on upcoming series, as well as opinions and production information on series that are currently airing. For users who can’t get enough of discussing their favorite shows in the comments section, the site also provides separate forums for users to create their own discussion threads about any anime subject they wish. is largely user-driven, so users are encouraged to create usernames and interact with fellow site members, as well as to give constant feedback and suggestions for how to improve the site’s design and efficiency.

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Author : Jason Taylor

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