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In a world full of mysteries, Animal X attempts to offer explanations. From popular, classic legends, such as that of Bigfoot and the giant squid, to lesser-known tales of phantom dogs and Thunderbirds, explores the strange and often-frightening world of bizarre, mythical and unexplained animals. Investigators Daniel Searle and Natalie Schmitt make up a team of truth-seekers that travel the world researching and speaking with witnesses to uncover the facts that surround the stories millions around the globe have shared for years.


Available on are 26 episodes of Animal X Classic, a 30-minute program that explores such mysterious reports as the legend of the Chupacabra, first-hand accounts from those who have spotted Yetis, creatures that may have come from other planets and even possible sightings of serpents! These episodes are available free of charge for streaming, as well as for purchase in DVD form.

Users who would like to join in on the discussion of unexplained animal phenomenon are encouraged to visit the official Animal X YouTube Channel to talk about their personal experiences or theories. is filled with videos, photos and commentary on every paranormal creature story there is, and users who visit the site will definitely leave it with a greater appreciation for the animal legends that have been passed down for generations, not to mention chills down their spine should they hear something go bump in the night.

Offering a plethora of useful information, detailed accounts, factual evidence and reasonable theories, this website is a premier destination for those wanting to learn more about the unusual world we live in.

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Author : Liam Gray

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