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Ancient-egypt-online.comOut of all the ancient civilizations, Egypt stands as a source of fascination and wonder. The most interesting aspect might very well be the way that even today cities such as Cairo mix the ancient mystery and appeal with a modern sensitivity.

The Ancient Egypt website offers a summarized introduction to many of the most noteworthy aspects of this civilization. Information is provided about the legendary pharaohs, and the plethora of stories and myths that surround them. Likewise, there is information on the Queens of Egypt. Cleopatra was of course the best-known (mainly because she was the last one, and owing to her tragic demise), but the site contains information on several others like Nefertiti and Hatsheput. Another section deals with Egyptian hieroglyphics, the highly-complicated system of writing that was finally unveiled by Jean-François Champollion in the Nineteenth Century, which is a combination of phonetic and ideographic signs. There is also information on the Egyptian pyramids, the gods of Egypt (like Anubis, Amon-Re, Isis, and Osiris) and life in Ancient Egypt, as well as maps to have a look at.