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Publishers at have been creating publications that grace libraries, documented history, and honored those that lived in the locales they work in. These publishers are known as Heritage Books and they have gathered information and helped many communities create books that easily climb in value. claims credit for over 300 of these historical information that is local specific in places like Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee, and more.

Every year they begin new books that involve local information from people that live in the specific region to help gather the history of the region, the people that lived and worked there and the events that have occurred. share books created using the highest standards of publishing including hardbound, binding that is archival quality, and collection of information from the actual people residing in the county of the books that is currently listing as their projects. These books can be found in homes of the people that are following their local history, table tops of those collecting genealogy and the shelves of libraries that are located within the county.

Requesting that a county is put on their project list at starts with contacting them at and suggestions is often how the process starts. Their projects often begin with a request from a historian or even an individual that has strong roots within the county and state and choosing a county can often start with the sharing of a request, some photos or specific historic information that is known only to the families that share history within a specific county.

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