– Helps You Track Your Family Tree

  • August 26, 2012 is a resource-heavy website for tracking your family tree. The website includes many links and videos to help in this endeavor. The Getting Started section has articles on tracking Irish and Mormon ancestors, military records, researching occupations, scrapbooking, deciphering illnesses, dating photographs and more. There are sections describing all the different types of records available: birth, death, marriage, divorce and more. DNA research has its own section, with many articles and videos.

Genealogical software is available at the site, including both open source and commercial versions. also links to a number of genealogical resources on the internet, again both free and commercial sites. Advertising is labeled and relevant to the site.

One interesting article is about identity theft, a helpful warning to those who might not think about giving out too much personal information in the search for more.

Ancestor is based on WordPress, so includes all the standard features of archives, tag clouds and navigation to help one search the website. An RSS feed allows one to keep up-to-date on new articles. The About page mentions a forum that no longer seems to exist, but comments are allowed on articles and readers do take advantage of this.

Overall is well-organized and easy to navigate. The comprehensive links and helpful downloads sections should assist both the new and experienced family history researcher. Helpful articles review the various resources. A little more information about the company or persons behind the website would be nice, the contact page is just a form. However, speaks for itself with its rich collection of useful information.

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