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Anaheimoc.orgAnaheim is a city which is located in the State of California. It was incorporated in 1870, and as of this date it is famed for its wide scope of industries, ranging from electronic products to aircraft parts.

Its website can be found at, and it provides a host of information for individuals that are considering a trip to the City, or for those who simply want to know more about Orange County, which is where Anaheim is located. To begin with, lodging and transportation are covered in fine detail. Activities of interest are taken into account in the section which is named “What To Do”, whereas a calendar of events highlights remarkable activities that take place within Anaheim. A guide to restaurants is provided, and there are also maps that can be consulted online for easy reference. Travel packages are featured, and they can take into consideration aspects such as number of people undertaking the trip, along with check in and check out dates.