– American Medical Response

With locations all over the country, the services provided at range from taking 911 calls and disaster response teams to training to become a paramedic. American Medical Response interacts with over 2,100 communities and covers most states. Their locations can be found easily through a tab on the page. separates contracted services from those available to patients and their family members, so there is no time wasted looking for what it is you need from the group. Keep up to date with AMR through the news section of their site, which offers information on everything from rewards they have earned to free tips to keep loved ones safe.

AMR’s highly revered disaster response team is assigned to provide help when needed to all 48 contiguous states, having earned the contract from FEMA in 2007. This level of trust should provide peace of mind to those needing to contact them for other services, and both billing information and the rights that all patients are promised to have are immediately available on

Those who are visiting because they want to give help and not receive it are only two clicks away from searching available jobs, as AMR is always looking for new highly motivated individuals to join their team and further its continued track record of reliability and excellence across the country.

No private ambulance service provides service to more communities then American Medical Response, the company that hopes to provide a bright future for both employees and patients.

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