– American Whitewater

AmericanWhitewater.orgThe American Whitewater Organization is devoted to restoring rivers that have been dewatered by hydropower dams and eliminate water degradation as well as conserving the existing whitewater resources. These activities are detailed on his website, which can be reached at AmericanWhitewater.

org. The site itself provides comprehensive information on the organization and its objectives along with the activities which are undertaken in order to reach these goals. A section entitled “River Info” includes a national river database, whereas the existing stream team project is described in that section as well. This is an initiative whereby members of the organization gather information to be added to the above-mentioned river database. For its part, a library is included and it collects resources such as pictures and videos that can be watched anytime. Lastly, a “Community” section includes a forum for interaction with like-minded individuals along with an index of National Affiliate Paddling clubs.