– Wallpaper And So Much More

AmericanBlinds.comThis site is so feature-rich and so filled with little helpful things that it’s not only possible, but probable for you to get lost. This eCommerce site is all about rugs, curtains, wallpapers, bedding and other such supplies for décor needs, and can be searched by category or brand (I felt an Eco-friendly products section would be handy, though).

The page for each product includes useful information and suggestions for other products of interest, plus users can create an account on the site and bookmark their favorite products and get a quote for the project, or just leave it there until the perfect time for redecorating comes. Don’t miss the ‘Resource Center’ area of the site to find a library of articles reviewing the latest décor trends, presenting useful tips and to-the-point advice on what to do and don’t. You can also find video tutorials that will walk you through the process of taking measures or hanging your new curtains. Not too much of a DIY fan? Take advantage of the directory of recommended wallpaper hangers and installers. Is your decorator’s jargon too confusing? Care to know what a Braided Ladder is? Check the glossary of terms to find it out! In short, while some redesign would be very much welcome to declutter this website and make its very many features and services more visible, it’s probably unsurpassed when it comes to the help and guidance it provides to its customers.