– Turn Each Webpage Into A Search Engine

Ambiently.comAmbiently touts itself as the first discovery engine on the WWW. What does that exactly mean? Well, it basically means that instead of answering a search query with a string of web links it will provide you with direct web links from the webpage that you are located in, without having to type anything.

In order to use it, all you have to do is install the provided bookmarklet by dragging and dropping the button which can be found on the main page. Firefox, Safari and Chrome and fully supported along with Explorer, and although dragging and dropping the button should not be a problem three different tutorials are provided to ensure nothing goes wrong.

The main advantage that this site has over search engines is that it is much simpler – you don’t have to dream up a query to fire up the search, you simply click on the Ambiently button to come across related links. As it is correctly pointed out online, each and every page becomes something akin to a search engine in itself, and a specializes search engine at that. The concept is interesting to say the least, and the execution is quite flawless. Drop by the site in order to find out more. In Their Own Words

“Ambiently is a web discovery engine. While a search engine answers your query with a list of web links, a discovery engine provides you with relevant web links directly from any webpage you are on. These web links will lead you to webpages related to the page you are viewing, help you find more new information, and even surprise you with unexpected useful web resources.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A service like this one stands as an interesting development that might just be the shape of things to come.

Some Questions About

How will the site evolve from now on? What chances has it got of becoming a mainstay?