– A Great Place to Learn About the Bible is the online home of Amazing Discoveries. This site aims to expose deceptions and errors in the religious realm, history, science, media, and health. They hold seminars to announce their findings. They also host web shows that explain what they have found as well as radio and TV shows.’s headquarters is located in Canada, and their U.S. warehouse is in Washington.

Those looking to donate to can direct their funds where to go. You can tell them that you want to donate to broadcasting, building fund, Evangelism, translations, mission or just wherever it is needed. When you donate to them the total amount that you send has to be at least $10.00. If you are not sure which department you want to send money to, you can find a description of each on the “Donate” page. also has its very own online school, in which you can learn about and study the Bible. The courses offered through Amazing Discoveries is completely free all you have to do is enroll and decide which class you would like to take. All courses held by Amazing Discoveries is held online. They offer the Storacle Lessons, which they describe as “24 Bible Prophecy lessons revealing God’s plan for man from creation to the earth made new.” There is also the Study Guide Lessons course and is described as “Bible Answers for life’s problems using the Study Guide Lessons,” by the institute. When enrolling in one of these programs you can even pick which language you would like to use.

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