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Alterwave.comAlterwave is a company that develops different marketing solutions. These solutions are interactive and make possible for companies hiring these services, to send to their end clients mobile phones, PDAs and SmartPhones any kind of contents adapted to their machines utilities and via Bluetooth technology.

This way of sending information to the end-customer is increasingly used by many companies that want to be a step over their competitors, and can be an interesting complement for the traditional advertizing and marketing solutions.

The site provides all the information about the Alterwave services including information as the fact that, by using this technology the users can actually operate their own communication networks having a direct interactive contact with their clients providing them with important multimedia information.

So if you have a company and you want your clients to know the benefits you can provide them, keep in touch with them taking advantage of the marketing Bluetooth systems provided by Alterwave. In Their Own Words

Alterwave develops its own interactive mobile marketing solutions, which allow any type of content to be sent to mobile phones, PDAs and SmartPhones by using Bluetooth technology.

The Bluetooth hotspots are installed in any public or private areas, and they are sending out the content to nearby mobile phones, free for the user over Bluetooth. These hotspots are managed centrally, for uploading content to be distributed by the hotspots, and to view statistics of the running campaigns.

Why It Might Be A Killer

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