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Alphahorse.comAll the horse lovers out there should pay a visit to the AlphaHorse website. The site itself offers a wealth of information that is split into different categories for browsing convenience.

Some salient categories include horse healthcare, training, and equipment. Horse art is featured as well, in the form of pictures, photographs and illustrations that come from diverse origins and time periods. This section also features horse collectibles. Light entertainment is provided by the “Fun & Games” section, which includes tests of knowledge along with test of strategy and reflexes. On the other hand, reviews on issues and topics such as horse shows and movies are provided, and the list of horse-related films includes such titles as “The Horse Whisperer” and “Sea Biscuit”. Reviews of horse events can be found herein as well. Lastly, the site has a list of destinations for those wishing to have a memorable horse vacation. This list is made up of ranches all over the United States, as well as locations in neighboring countries such as Canada and Mexico.