– All About Serial Killers

AllSerialKillers.comSerial killers have a certain allure that can’t be dissipated. It is not necessarily a morbid fascination that binds us to them, but more of a desire to fully try and understand human nature, and what drives fellow men to carry out such acts of violence.

We all have heard of Charlie Mason et al, but how many of us really know about their lives and exact MO? The serial killers website is a portal where that information can be found. The site provides links to profiles and movies detailing the lives and deeds of said individuals. Some of these include Henry Lee Lucas, Cho Seung Hui and the ever-elusive Jack the Ripper (termed one of the most brutal serial killers in history). More recent figures such as the Unabomber and the Zodiac killer are also featured, and information on them can be readily accessed. The site also includes links for buying TV shows which are certain to be of interest to those who visit the page, such as the CSI franchise and Criminal Minds.