– Pro Life at American Life League is a humanitarian website that supports pro life and takes an anti abortion stance. The site is trying to raise awareness and protest against abortion and serves as a place for like-minded individuals to come together and stand for their cause. is a non profit organization and is the largest grassroots Catholic pro-life education organization in the United States. has up to date information provided in the format of a blog that keeps readers informed on the most current issues related to the pro life campaign. There are snippets from news headlines outlined in the blog, all related to anti abortion propaganda and boasting progress in relation to the pro life platform. There is also a calendar of events along the side of the page where viewers can stay informed on nation wide events taking place. It gives important dates of events held across the nation so that anyone who is interested can attend.

Readers are also encouraged to participate in various protests. There is an activism link that tells viewers how to get involved in the campaign. is non profit organization so they have set up a link where they accept donations from individuals wanting to make a difference as well as other for profit organizations. There are also many resources available on the page and most of them are heavily shaded with pro life propaganda and broadcast the ideas of the community that abortion and birth control are immoral. offers viewers a chance to contact Judie Brown, the founder of the organization. Readers are allowed to submit questions to Judie and receive feedback.

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