– Humor in All Forms is a site that was created in good fun, in order to make people laugh. The different styles of humor on this page consist of dry humor, sarcasm, cheese-ball humor, and clean jokes. People’s brains are programmed differently, and therefore have different senses of humor. While some people find sarcasm hilarious, others cannot take the joke and get their feelings hurt. This website has different jokes for anyone, and can keep a group of individuals laughing for a long while.

There are jokes on, as well as games, pictures, videos and sounds. Startling a family member with a sound can be hilarious, as can watching a video of a person sliding down a slide and falling off of it. Others may find that a political cartoon is even more hilarious than listening to a comedian such as Jeff Foxworthy. This website has it all! also has age-appropriate humor, in the clean humor section. These jokes are great to show children younger than 18 years of age so that they may share with classmates without getting in trouble. No parent wants to get a phone call saying that they repeated a joke they saw on a website, or heard off of the television!

There is merchandise available for sale on the shop part of the website, for those individuals who wish to purchase a mug or tee shirt with a funny cartoon or joke on it, or gag gift for a friend. For assistance, customer service can be contacted via email or phone.

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