– Upscale Soho Printing Service

Clean lines, deep crisp colors, squares all perfectly proportioned—this is the vision that welcomes you to, but it is also, in a way, Aldine’s mission statement. Aldine is that ironic breed of new company that makes its fortune by valuing a classic sensibility. Focusing on producing quality, printed paper products, Aldine uses cutting edge technologies such as foil stamping, embossing, and thermography.

Located in Soho, one of New York’s trendiest neighborhoods,’s first page displays work samples that are quintessentially New York. Scroll here and you see a mock up of stationary for Rainforest Alliance, a high profile environmental company located smack dab on Broadway, scroll there and you see an invitation for party thrown for perhaps the most erudite magazine in the world, the New Yorker itself. is firmly rooted within the urbane mythology of the New York greats.

Its prices are as customer tailored as their projects. In order to get a quote on potential projects prospective customers must fill out a form including such information as your company’s name, your budget, and project specs, as well as file uploads of possible design ideas.

The simplicity and sophistication of, coupled with it’s distinctly New York aesthetic, gives a feeling of timelessness, but Aldine is a relatively new company, having been around only since 1982. It seems even newer because of its well-styled website and design samples.

But for all of the company’s sophistication, a group photo of the work force shows to be both multicultural and down to earth. So while the product may be all New York, one feels that the customer service will be homespun and satisfactory.

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