– A Store From Another Era is the online store for the Midwestern and southern chain, Alco. sells everything from appliances to Barbie dolls. For consumer convenience, offers free one day shipping on orders over 99$. The website has such features as a store locator, reward offers and information for investors. It’s a down to earth alternative to giants like Target and Walmart. It’s homespun charm is evident in the simplicity of the website, and the age of the company—it’s been around since 1901.

It offers some exclusive tools that can’t be found in regular Alco stores, such as flower ordering services and photo printing. The website also offers coupons that can be used in store, but only found online. This encourages Alco customers to shop in the store, where virtues like small town friendliness make Alco shine in comparison to larger corporations.

One of the unique features of is it’s accessibility to investors. A complete “investor package” of information is available by filling out a simple form. In a world where all too often companies hide earning reports behind closed doors and glass ceilings, Alco offers not only their yearly earning reports, but earning reports from as far back as 2000.

In yet another example of Alco’s forthright nature, offers a reward card. Unlike some department stores who offer credit cards designed to trap consumers into paying exorbitantly high interests rates,’s program is completely free. The consumer simply scans the card at each purchase. Once they reach 100 points they receive a coupon worth 2% of their total balance.

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