Aku.edu – Middle Eastern School Website Has Western World Appearance

The aku.edu website tells its visitors of Aga Khan, the university with campuses in five different countries in East Africa, South and Central Asia, and the United Kingdom. A mailing address listed on the site indicates its principal location to be in Pakistan.

Despite the particularities of the school’s Middle Eastern base and Muslim formats of study, aku.edu tells of Aga Khan University in a format quite amicable to the western world. The site is of the same quality, design and layout of many American college websites, and can be welcoming to many American students as a result. The site’s description of Aga Khan’s Centre of English Language, which confirms that English is the language used by AKU, certainly warms that potential welcoming too.

The aku.edu site’s fluent use of English (with British spellings) is compounded by its Centre of English Language page, which explains that this language is the one used in instruction by the university. Thus, at least near English fluency is a requirement of students and faculty alike, the site informs.

The undergraduate studies detailed on the site are Arts & Sciences, Medicine, and Nursing & Midwifery. The graduate school includes the two latter-mentioned undergrad fields, along with Educational Development, Muslim Cultures, and a Human Development Programme. Aga Khan University also offers continuing education, according to its aku.edu website.

Also notable on aku.edu is a link to the university’s hospitals website (hospitals.aku.edu). There are two such AKU hospitals, one in Pakistan and the second in Kenya.

Aga Khan also has many partnerships with other universities across the globe including six in North America, two of which are in the United States.

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