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Akaneon.comNowadays on line communities are very popular. Without even getting out of your house you can met all different kinds of people from many places, ages and backgrounds.

Akaneon is a collective network that gives you the opportunity of reading other people profiles and if you are interested in any of the personal stuff you read about, you can get to know them. To participate of any of these web pages utilities you will have to become a member of the site and log in. In order to register on this site you only have to submit a few number of personal information and your e mail. Some of the stuff you can do after you are a member of this site are posting you own profile, have your own buddy list and blog. On this web page you can as well take a look to a big number of videos and photo galleries from other people on the net. You also have the possibility to join a chat or a club. Akaneon.com