– Scientific Marketing and Consulting

Aim-Act.comAim and Act provides full service marketing and a wide variety of scientific services to companies in the medical device, pharmaceutical drug, alternative medicine, and alternative energy industries. The company has expertise in all aspects of marketing, regulatory compliance, laboratory and manufacturing standards, as well as scientific trials, and product development.

Aim and Act is the first company to combine marketing and scientific services for clients in their target industries. This creates a synergy between marketing and scientific strategy above and beyond what any other firm can provide. Scientific studies are more marketable and yield more sales points that studies from strictly scientific companies, and marketing materials are more scientifically accurate than has ever been possible before. By bridging the traditional gap between science and marketing, Aim and Act can help companies realize the maximum potential of every strategic move. The website provides detailed information on all the services provided as well as background information on the people behind this enterprise.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Aim and Act is the only company to combine both marketing and scientific services for clients in its target industries. This integrative approach increases the value of each marketing and scientific dollar clients spend. It also allows for more accurate materials and more usable scientific studies.


The industry has noticed the integration of marketing and science. Aim and Act has been published in several of the largest, most respected magazines in the health industries. Visit the blog or website for more information!