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Ahram.org.egNot many people are open to read the news they can find on the traditional news channels from a different perspective.

This is an Egyptian website that is in charge to provide all the latest news about Egypt and the rest of the world from a far-eastern perspective.

If you are used to get the news from well known sources like Fox, CNN, BBC, ABC, etc., this will be a very interesting experience for you.

The many cultural differences between western and eastern civilization, make from this website a good source of information. In this way you will get to know more about what Egyptian people think about different matters.

On this site you will be able to find information on business, as well as sports, culture, and books, in addition to medicine, education and many other things.

This site is dedicated to provide information from the eastern perspective. If you want to get a great selection of news in order to know more about Egypt and the western world, this is the site you were looking for.