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Afterhours.comLooking for a site where you can rent a designer tuxedo? If so, this is without a doubt the site you need to visit. Afterhours.

com is dedicated to provide their customers with a store where they can rent and buy formal wear for weddings, proms and designer’s tuxedo, as well as clothing for other special occasions. They have organized all their products in different categories in order to help you quickly find what you are looking for. You will find suits, sweaters, Italian leather shoes, sport coats, ties, and accessories, among others. By registering on the site you will gain several benefits such as quick access and check out, a wish list, a personal address book, and more. They are currently offering free shipping on purchases over $125. In addition they offer free shipping to any one of their stores located all over the country. Once the store receives what you have bought they will contact you, so that you can go to pick it up whenever it suits you. Other features include a store locator, where you will be allowed to search for their stores by entering your zip code, state or city.