– American Foreign Service Association

AFSA.orgThe American Foreign Service Association is a professional association for active and retired employees of the American Foreign Service. Its members include active and retired Foreign Service employees of the Department of State and Agency for International Development, as well as groups in the Foreign Agricultural Service, U.

S. and Foreign Commercial Service, and the International Broadcasting Bureau. The goal of the association is to enhance the effectiveness of the Foreign Service, protect the professional interest of its members, ensure high professional standards of diplomats and political appointees, and promote understanding f the role that Foreign Service plays in promoting the country’s national security and economic prosperity. The AFSA assists employees on issues such as policies regarding working conditions, office and security investigations, grievance proceedings, and administrative problems. The AFSA works with retired Foreign Service employees on legislative issues regarding pensions and retirement benefits. The association also operates the Speaker Bureau which makes experienced diplomats available to speak to groups in order to build domestic constituencies to support its activities.